Personal data protection statement


  1. General provisions

Square97, hereinafter referred to as Square97, respects the privacy of every visitor on our website. The following information relates to the type of data collected by Square97 and its uses. Square97 collects, processes and uses personal data in accordance with the relevant Spanish legislation.

This Privacy Statement does not apply to the websites of other operators accessible through links to Square97’s website.


  1. Collection, use and processing of personal data

Square97 collects only those personal data that Square97 has given its voluntary consent to the processing and use. By expressing consent, the user also agrees to the following terms and conditions of personal data processing:

By opening these websites, some data is automatically stored on our servers for system administration or for statistics and support purposes. These data include the name of the Internet Connection Provider, your Internet Protocol (IP) address, the version of your browser software, the operating system of your computer that you use to access our website, the websites you use to open our website. These data can be used to understand the profile of our website users, but without the use of any data relating to a particular person. Such data will only be used if they were provided anonymously.

If you voluntarily provide us with personal information through one of the contact forms on the Square97 website, our site will be captured by the sub-pages you visited before completing the form, and in some cases the page you visited just before arriving at the Square97 website. We will not use such data, process it, or transfer it to a third party beyond the limits of the law or beyond what you specify in your affirmative statement. We will only provide your personal information if we are forced to do so by a court decision or other public authority decision.

Any changes regarding these privacy terms and conditions will be published on this website.


  1. Safety

Square97 will keep your data safe and will make all reasonable precautions to prevent data loss, misuse or alteration. Square97 employees and contractors who have access to your data to provide services on behalf of Square97 are contractually bound to maintain confidentiality of these data and may not use them for any other purpose. In some cases, we use third-party third-party applications that use privacy or data protection standards that are described in this document.


  1. Cookies

This website collects and stores data for marketing and optimization purposes to improve the site. Cookies can be set in your browser.

Without the express consent of our users, data collected by Google Analytics (and others) will not be used to identify a particular visitor and will not be collected together with other pseudonym’s personal information.



Data collection                 Description of use                                           Personal data type

Google Analytics               Website stats and improvements              No personal details, IP address is anonymized

Google AdWords              Providing targeted advertising                    No personal information

Facebook                             Providing targeted advertising                   No personal information

Mailchimp                           Sending news / newsletter                          Email address

Contact form                      Contact and sending of the offer               Name, surname, telephone, e-mail address


  1. Persons responsible for the protection of personal data

Square97 will discard the retained data after the expiration of the time specified by law, consent or if it is no longer needed. You have the right at any time to withdraw your consent to the processing or use of your personal data with future effects. Send an email to


  1. Public Register of Processing

The person responsible for the protection of personal data shall make available the following information:

(1) Name of responsible organization: Square97 – Peter Markovsky.

(2) Personally Responsible Partner / Management: Peter Markovsky, Managing Director

(3) Address of the responsible organization: Gran Via Colom 37 / 4D, Inca 07300, ILLES BALEARS, SPAIN

(4) The intended purpose of collecting, processing or using data:

The company’s business activity is on-line marketing, including search engine optimization, internet advertising, social networking, website creation and conversion optimization.

(5) Description of stakeholder groups and relevant data or categories of data:

Data relating to customers, employees, jobseekers, suppliers and service providers – to the extent necessary to meet the objective set out in point 6. (4)

(6) Beneficiaries or categories of beneficiaries

Public authorities, health insurance companies and others, in the event of the existence of the relevant legislation, external contractors in accordance with §11 of the BDSG, external service providers, affiliates and internal departments to fulfill the purpose mentioned in point 6.

(7) Date of regular data deletion:

Data is deleted after the expiration of legal deadlines. Data not covered by these provisions shall be erased if the purpose specified in point 6 is no longer present. (4)

(8). Using social networking

Our website may include Facebook, Instagram, Google+ and Twitter social networking features. Related services are provided by Facebook Inc., Instagram Inc. and Twitter Inc. (“Providers”).

Facebook is operated by Facebook Inc., 1601 S. California Ave, Palo Alto, CA 94304, USA (“Facebook”). To review the Facebook buttons and their look, visit:

Instagram is operated by Facebook Inc., 1601 S. California Ave, Palo Alto, CA 94304, USA (“Facebook”). To review the Instagram buttons and their look, visit:

Twitter is operated by Twitter Inc., 1355 Market St, Suite 900, San Francisco, CA 94103, USA. To review the Twitter buttons and their look, visit:

Google+  is operated by Google LLC (“Google”), located at 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View, CA 94043, USA. To review the Google+ buttons and their look,

The link to the service provider will tell you which of our websites you have visited. If you are logged into your Facebook, Instagram, Google+ or Twitter user account while browsing our site, the provider can get information about your interests, i.e. information that you can access through your user account. By using any link functionality (e.g., clicking the “Like” button, leaving the link), this information will also be moved directly by the browser to the preservation provider.

For further information on the collection and use of Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter data and about the rights and options available to protect your privacy in these cases, please refer to the Privacy / Privacy Policy Provider:

Facebook Privacy Policy / Privacy Notice:

Instagram Privacy / Privacy:

Twitter Privacy Policy / privacy alert:

Google+ Privacy / Privacy:

To prevent Facebook, Instagram, Google+, or Twitter from linking your site to your user account, you must sign out of the appropriate user account before joining our site. If you do not want to receive third-party cookies, please set your browser to reject them.

Square97 processes your personal information only for the purposes of this form (contact, preparation of the offer). Your data will be processed in internal systems by instructed workers and will no longer be given to any third party. The data provided in this form is protected during encrypted transmission.

Statement on the protection of personal data


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