Good project analysis is essential for successful website deployment

When creating any website, quality project analysis is essential. It is a way to avoid surprises and misunderstandings, and to minimize the risk that the project will not be successful.

However, in most cases, this initial phase is ignored, and although the reasons are different, the result is mostly the same: a broken and malfunctioning website, an incomplete solution, or a poorly estimated and inadequate budget.

Web site analysis is the best way to save time and money during implementation

For most clients, web site analysis seems to be an unnecessary expense without a visible result. At the beginning of the discussion, they reject it and perceive it as unnecessary. They will realize these issues when it is too late and when the consequences are clearly visible. These may vary:

  • The graphic design and the extent of the customer comments do not meet the expected requirements of the graphic part of the website.
  • The original list of 10 site features expanded to 20 during the implementation, but the client assumes that the price defined at the beginning is clear and binding.
  • The budget estimated according to the brief description of the client has been used in the first third of the project implementation.
  • Website is delivered unfinished. The supplier did not receive the full amount and the client did not get a 100% functional solution.
Project analysis by Square97 Mallorca

There are many such examples on the market and their common denominators are almost always the following:

  1. The Website is too small, the project analysis is unnecessary

The analysis does not necessarily have to be 30 pages at all. For small projects, it is important to define at least; the starting and ending state, functionality and any basic elements the site should contain.

  1. No funds are allocated to the analysis

This is hard to find an argument. Our experience says that, especially in more complex projects, the client has also repaid the analysis in the form of unplanned expenses in the implementation process.

  1. There is not enough time

Ignoring the analysis due to lack of time is even worse in this case. Just by analyzing, the client can save a lot of time and control the whole process of implementation.

With the analysis, the client can have better control over the implementation process, monitor compliance with project phases, and have information about any complications. Better control of processes means better control of spending, more efficient communication, and a successful project in the end.


What everything should include a good website project analysis?

  • Define the current state of business.
  • Definition of the target group.
  • Define the client’s background to the project – logo / logotype, design manual, color, typography, iconography, photographic materials, content / text materials.
  • Define the main stages of the project and its content – graphics, development, copywriting, security and marketing.
  • Proposal for individual phases of the project, along with a timeline.
  • Proposal support after project delivery – way of communication, further development and updating of content, functionality and marketing.

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