Do you have an SSL certificate on your website?

Do you have an SSL certificate on your website?

Google has confirmed that beginning in July 2018, with the launch of Google Chrome 68, all websites on HTTP will be clearly marked as “not secure”. Read more at Google security Blog

When do you need SSL Certificate?

Here are two simple questions to determine if your website needs HTTPS and the ‘Unsecured Warning’ will appear if an SSL certificate is not installed:
With version 62 of Chrome released, websites with any type of text entry will need an SSL certificate.

1. Does your website use contact forms, sign-in panels, search bars, etc.?
2. Is your website on HTTP: //?

If it is a YES to both questions, then it is time to install SSL to avoid any risk or warning. If you do not implement SSL, your visitors will see an “Unsecured” warning when visiting your site.

Why do you need SSL Certificate?

SSL certificate encrypts sensitive information between any computer and the server (the place where your website is stored – the physical location of your website on the internet-hosting)

SEO – Google ranking factor.  It should be a surprise to nobody that Google favors websites that are trusted, secure, and certified.

Not to mention it doesn’t look good when there’s a “not secure” tag next to your URL. Would you proceed to the website when you got the “This site is not safe” warning …?

Before Google flags your website, secure it today with SSL Certificates.


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Not secured Website without SSL certificate – http://

Not secured website without SSL certificate

Secured Website with SSL certificate – https://

Secured website with SSL certificate Square97
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