Mac SSD upgrade

Upgrade hard drive on your Mac

In we recommend the best hard drive that fits your needs. We have wide experience in installing solid state hard drive SSD in Mac computers in Mallorca

Hard drives or solid state drive SSD does not suffer wear optical drives no moving parts with friction, are not susceptible to breakage from falls or blows, which leads to a much higher durability. They are also quieter and its power consumption is much lower because they generate less heat. Its main advantage is its speed, access to stored information or storage of this is done in much less time.

Upgrade hard drive on your Mac – Apple MacBook Pro, Apple Macbook Air, Apple iMac, ….

If you need to increase the power of your Mac computer, the first thing you have to do is expand RAM.

The more RAM your computer has more information herein may copy a shortcut, therefore we faster response when moving from one application to another or process a file, etc.


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